ep#2: constellation songs

by Angel Tech



originally released by Palm Pictures in 1999
re-released by Brain-Gel in 2008


released October 10, 1999


all rights reserved



Angel Tech Bristol

Tim, Neil & Doug formed Angel Tech in the spring of 1995 in bristol.

New album The Light Programme is accompanied by 2 other new releases (Forget About This, a compilation of rare tracks and remixes, and We Superheroes Bruise Easily, the 'lost' first album of 2014).

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Track Name: andromeda
later on the northern line she'll freak about the lack of sky
so spill out in Victoria and hold her till she tells you why
you walk the surface of the moon, you can't see stars, the sun's to blame
the city lights on Oxford street make walking London just the same

waltz on the Central, Hammersmith and City dance
she's going mental and you haven't got a chance
of playing Perseus in this drunk romance

you must be quiet she's thinking even though her plane of thought has missed the landing strip
her train of thought is underground the map is yours but god knows what you'll make of it

and yes this is in monochrome, in super-8, she won't care less
besides the technicolor tones won't suit the patterns of her dress

she's made of space, Andromeda,
she's light years tall from star to star
she's metres tall Andromeda
she's senseless in a Soho bar

say there's no style for the 1990s
i think I'm chained somewhere in the 60s
locked to a look
london swings and I am westbound
she's looking good
another Friday night on the tiles with Andromeda
another Friday night running miles with Andromeda
another Friday night in the dock with Andromeda
another Saturday on the rocks with Andromeda
Track Name: north star
i used to wake up
with this boy
who'd hate the mornings
refuse to kiss
he threw me out
it got too bright
it got too close
and he said this:
"your love is ordinary love
"it's clear as glass love
"the argument that proves the rule
"the chlorine in the swimming pool
"your love is common love
"it's Hollywood love
"the days go by in real time
"that's really no concern of mine
"your love's the usual love
"predictable love
"and i'd like you to go now."

when summer hit me
-flowered out-
i cut my hair and
watched some films
though outward changed
heart was old
he didn't guess
it played the same tune
and said
"your love is convoluted love
"it's hell to pay love
"it blanket bombs the dark at night
"a telescope for second sight
"your love is new wave love
"it's rules of chess love
"won't you bring it back now?"

such irony
that thereon in
my thoughts did not
revolve 'round him.
Track Name: cruz do sul
such dodgy motives
to lie about the time
but I've got no watch so
it makes no difference

left to right
north to south
i'm getting there

you start a conversation
to see if we're in love
you think we are but
you're not quite sure yet

i'm getting there

i've learned to steer by the stars
expect me anytime

this myth of distance
this burnt out lie of miles
well i've seen the route and
a map is useless

won't stop me
i'm getting there
Track Name: pegasus
you'll have to help me here
these lines are not so clear
i'd call and call the afterlife
but only get your ansaphone

you know you're safe amongst
those dancefloor fireflies
you ride the beast without a rein
the backbone of the night… and back again

here we are then
one more boring high-rise night
in heaven
useless miracles and
part-time deities
speedball superstitions
here we are then
love thy television

here we are then
one more boring high-rise night
in heaven
useless miracles and
far be it from me
to spoil your evening
but just think, girl,
what if every horse had wings?

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